• Time to Game!

    Time to play outside! 🎮 Our Retro Game Controller Float is one of a kind. Show off your love of gaming this summer with the best gaming float! 
  • New Island Toss Cornhole Game!

    Who's ready for some cornhole? 😄 Our Island Toss Cornhole Game is perfect in and out of the water! Includes 1 inflatable game and 8 bean bags in 2...
  • Introducing: Rainbow Tic-Tac-Toe Inflatable Game!

    Just a floating 🌈 Our new Rainbow Tic-Tac-Toe Float is equal parts beautiful and fun! This huge tic-tac-toe game includes the inflatable and five...
  • New Floats Now Available on Amazon!

    Just a reminder that our new pool floats are here! ☀️ Choose from our two retro floats or two inflatable games! Now available on Amazon as well 😊
  • Dreaming of Pizza

    Anyone call for pizza? 🍕 Thank you IG @marie.m_g for this awesome pic! We can’t wait to chill pool side this weekend! ☀️
  • White Swan Pool Float Available On Amazon!

    Nothing better than chilling with our Swan Pool Float 🦢😌 We hope you had an amazing weekend! Thank you IG @bluecollarprep for this awesome pic! 😎 ...
  • New Floats are IN!

    New floats alert! 🚨 Introducing our Retro Mix Tape and Game Controller Float 🎮 We also have new Inflatable Games! Now you can play Tic-Tac-Toe an...
  • Happy 4th of July!

    Just two of our favorites: pups and pool floats! 🐶❤️ We hope everyone had a fun weekend! Thank you ginamariez on IG for this cute pic! 😊 There’s s...
  • Fun at the Lake!

    We love being tagged in photos and seeing you have fun! 🥰 Thank you @mcbill2471 on IG for this awesome pic! We think Stella is a great name for y...
  • Let's Go to the Beach!

    Beach balls galore! 🤩 We have rainbow and all your favorite emojis! 😂😎😍 Pick some up now and start the party in your backyard! ☀️
  • It's Heating Up!

    It’s hot in Arizona 🥵 Thank you @sweetshoppemom for this awesome photo! We ❤️ our 🦩 float too! Get yours now while it’s still warm out! ☀️
  • Unicorn Beach Ball Available on Amazon!

    Get it while you can! 😊 Our Unicorn Beach Ball is back in stock for a limited time 🦄 Bring some fun and magic to your pool this summer! ☀️ Find i...